Brian Alikhani - Carlsbad

BWB built a bedroom with bathroom, and a large patio over one of the garages at my property in Carlsbad. They built the room in a way that nobody can tell it’s an addition! The entire construction took only two months and they kept the area very clean. The project was within the budget and ahead of time. They have an amazing crew and know construction well.

The quality and speed of work exceeded my expectations. BWB’s employees are professional and communicate well.

I will definitely use BWB for my future projects. I have lots of confidence in what they can do.

BWB’s mission is to please its customers. They are extremely customer-oriented and left me with a great experience.


John & Janis Zihla - Cardiff

Where to begin, Ben asked if we would be willing to write a testimonial with our impressions of his company and about their workmanship. It is our pleasure to do so.This is not our first Rodeo. My wife and I have been remodeling homes/condos for over 25 years. We have rebuilt and remodeled a minimum of 15 homes/condos/apartment units over that time frame from room additions to complete "California" remodels.

I can absolutely and honestly say I only wish that I had met him earlier in my life. It would have made the early years a lot easier on my body. Ben has done several projects for us over the last few years...from our current ocean front home in Cardiff, to an apartment building we own in Carlsbad, and he just completed the most amazing dollar for dollar transformation of them all....an ocean view Duplex in Cardiff that was the "dog" of the neighborhood.

A tear down of a building that no one else wanted to deal with...30 year old mixed block construction with plenty of illegal add-ons and continuous "lowest bid" non licensed quality work over the last 30 years.

Ben had the vision and skills to make this pig sing...and get all the permits and requirements met without any major issues. In less time, and with far greater creativity than I would have ever thought possible. He is without question a craftsman of the highest caliber, and his subs without exception share his commitment to quality and service. That building is now the "Resort" of the neighborhood with added property value to boot.

He and his crews finished on time, and it has been so pleasant dealing with him that I have decided to do 3 more Apartments with him in 2012.

The most telling part to me abut a contractor and/or subs attitude and professionalism is the way they leave their jobs at the end of the day. Believe me...that says it all. They are immaculate and never left a pile of debris for us the homeowner to deal with.

My wife and I chose to live in our remodel for over 3 years as we struggled to get everything completed. Ben Brady and his crews came in and did the majority of the real work on our home and created the nicest property we have ever owned.

He had he vision and the ability to complete what the other guys started and did it far better than I could even imagine it. Feel free to call on me at any time....this is the first testimonial I have ever written...I stand behind what I say. Ben and his crews are the only folks you should consider.

Ben and the boys do it RIGHT...the first time and every time. No cut corners...nor is there any attempts to cut corners. He provided great advise that only years of experience can generate, and his extensive framing background saved us a fortune as he negotiated design changes,(with great tack I might add) with a very well known and respected architect we engaged for the design of this home.

Ben was the kingpin between "theory" and "practicality" and in the end we ended up with the same look that the architect had in mind, but with a simpler and more "bullet proof" construction technique as we are right off the beach with wind driven rain and salt air. Ben noted that the architects original designs while beautiful would leave several "leading edges" that could and would eventually trap moisture and create decay over time no matter how well those areas were initially sealed.

I did not have to specify only copper and stainless steel hardware, or all the other ways many contractors might skimp on for near the water applications. Everything was first class all the way, and these decisions will lead to the longevity of the home that we were looking for.

They have the skills to do it all....from budget minded "rental upgrades" in our rental apartments and condos...to the very best construction and materials for a beach house Ben and his crews can and will do it all.

I would consider it an honor to answer any questions you may have regarding Ben or his company. Feel free to drive by the jobs....they speak for themselves!


Mike & Julie Morrell - Scripts Ranch

Our experience with Ben Brady of BWB Construction could not have been better. Ben and his crew were always on time each day with a smile on their face and ready to work. Each evening Ben would call me and let me know what was scheduled to happen the next day and re-cap the current day. If there were any unforeseen snags (there are always snags) to the work flow he explained what happened and how he was going to fix it. This really helped us keep our job moving towards completion in a timely manor. Each day his crew would clean up as though it was their last day on the job. This helped keep our home much cleaner during this kitchen remodel.

Our job was major kitchen re-model we re-plumbed all of the piping which was underground to over head, ran new gas lines for the stove and added electrical, flooring and cabinetry.

At the end when the job was finished. I did not need a punch list because BWB had done such a good job to start with there was no need to come back and fix anything. My hat is off to Ben his quality control it was spot on perfection. I would highly recommend BWB to anyone doing any type of re-model from a ground up total new home or a simple bathroom he is your guy. I you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.